You showed up, you lied

Thanks so much for showing your face yesterday only to lie in front of a panel of judges, how sad you are! Do you not fear God? You said you were shocked and only notified recently of her claim of being her daughter? You said that with a straight face? How dare you stand there and lie and deny those 3 years together! You are a disgrace to humanity and I wish I never met you.

The look of shock was funny when I showed the pictures of you and her as a baby. I hope that made your stomach drop! You look real cool standing there with you lawyers defending your sick lies, like their puppet in which they hold the strings that make you dance.

You lied!

Then you got nervous and brought up this website, pathetic move trying to take the spotlight off of your stuttering lies. I hope God strikes you down and gives you what you deserve but you will answer one day and be judged for your actions.

If you deny it so much then take the DNA test or are you scared the truth will come out and you will be made a fool and a liar in front of the court?

Let’s see what the next meeting brings, I can’t wait!!!

By helpgcckids

Just show up to Court

I hope you’re reading this since you like to stalk me from a far and you wouldn’t man up by meeting your daughter or look me in the eye when you were talking. I’m over you, that love turned into heart break and now has turned into hate. I filed a case the day before we saw you so don’t think I did it because you said go to court if you want.

I’m tired of your games, your an old man now, no wife, no other children. Just an empty horrible man filled with his own excuses as to why we didn’t work out. You had the nerve to blame it on me, whatever helps you sleep at night. I thought the day I met you again we would speak as adults and work things out as adults. That didn’t happen, now we move on in life.

Your father has been telling me to file a case since 2006, I never did until she was an adult so you people wouldn’t think I want money or nonsense. I raised my kids alone and I will never need you for anything, ever! This is about what my daughter deserves not what you want.

You failed to show up for the first court date, the second one is coming soon. Be a man for once and own up to your responsibility! We don’t want anything from you or your family because you are a horrible human being. I hope you grow old alone and sad because that’s what you deserve.

I really wish I had never met you, I really wish I didn’t waste two years of my life waiting for you like a sad child, I really wish I didn’t long for you for 17 years only to be treated like sh** when we finally met.

I just want to finish this chapter of my life, have my daughter get what she deserves and move on, if I never see you again that will be too soon.

By helpgcckids

I waited 17 years for this conversation

Where do I start? I just arrived back from Qatar and something unexpected happened. I finally saw my ex after 17 years. I waited for the moment I would see you and had so many questions to ask, so many things to say and so many emotions.

Although you wouldn’t look me in the eye or look at your daughter sitting in the car beside me I felt your pain. A two hour conversation blaming me for us not being together everything was my fault and that I broke you. I understand you told yourself that to take away the pain from losing your daughter and family. Seeing you in person brought back the memories of our youth. I could only stare at you, from head to toe, trying to memorize every feature so I can play it over and over in my mind.

I wanted to grab your hand, I wanted you to look at me but you wouldn’t and that did hurt but I felt the love was still there but there are other factors that I don’t know about playing a part in your hate towards me. The dream of reuniting was only that, a dream. I waited to see you, I wondered what it would be like and when it came out of no where I forgot all the questions I wanted to ask. I just wanted time to stop, I didn’t want to leave your side again.

In the end you made it clear that there will never be an us and that it is truly over now. Sometimes I wish I didn’t see you so that I could still have hope that it might work out and we could be together but now I know the door is closed. If I brought problems to your family through this blog I apologize, as I told you I never wanted to cause any problems, I just wanted one last adult conversation and now that I got it I will delete your information and keep the site for others who have experienced the same situation. I’ve met many people through this blog and I am thankful for that.

To my ex, I will still think of you, as I told you, I can’t move on when I have your daughter here with me and every second of the day I see you in her. At least you have nothing but memories and now hatred that helps you to survive and cope. Maybe some day you will have forgiveness and meet your daughter, she is an innocent victim and needs you still.

Until we meet again, if not on this earth then in another galaxy, I will think of you and I will smile.

By helpgcckids

Qatari students CANNOT MARRY foreigners, don’t let them lie to you!



Qatari citizens from any of the categories set out below are not allowed to marry persons of foreign nationalities except citizens of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC):
Ministers and Deputy Ministers, heads of boards of institutions, public bodies and their deputies.
The diplomatic staff and consular corps.
Subject to the approval of the Minister of Defence, the Minister of the Interior or the competent head of security, as the situation may require; officers, non-commissioned officers and members of the Armed Forces, Police and other security agencies, with the exception of the cases where the wife is of the categories in Article 3 (b) of the present Law.
Students on scholarship who are studying abroad, whether supported by the State or studying at their own expense.
The Council of Ministers may decide to add some public offices and other functions to the aforementioned categories, as the public interest may require.
In all cases, at the Emir’s discretion and whenever public interest so requires, some Qatari citizens who are married to a foreign national may be exempted from the prohibition provided for in this Article.

7-3. Any student benefiting from scholarship who violates this law will have his scholarship cancelled. Furthermore he/she will be required to refund all expenses and salaries which were accrued to him/her from the scholarship. In all cases, the offender shall be deprived of the benefit of the aforementioned provisions of the Law No. 1 of 1964 and the Decree No. 7 of 1977.

You can find more about Qatari foreign marriages here


By helpgcckids

Little girl left Behind

I came across your blog years ago while I was still in college. Your story moved me to tears before I even had my daughter. I fell in love with a man from Qatar and as the story usually goes many promises were made. We lived together for about 7 months and everything was perfect up until he had to return to Qatar. We didn’t break up we simply decided to try to make it work. A month after he left I found out I was pregnant. It was truly shocking to both of us and being that neither of us were ready to be parents he suggested I have an abortion. I didn’t even consider that idea since technically we were still a couple and I was truly in love. He dropped it and we proceeded to picking the perfect name for our little girl. He even booked me a ticket to visit him in Qatar when I was three months pregnant. Two months later he broke up with me. I was absolutely devastated and overwhelmed to the point of wanting to take my own life out of desperation.

Inshallah I overcame that very difficult time in my life and I now have a beautiful little girl who I adore. The father of my child continues to provide minimal financial support but that is all. It is as if our daughter does not exist to him. He refuses to even meet her over FaceTime. His parents allegedly know that she exists and have advised him to keep his distance and to severe all ties to me so I know it is only a matter of time before the small amount of money he gives me stops. I am sharing my story because for a very long time I felt completely alone but I know I am not alone. There are so many strong women who have overcome this journey I am just now embarking on. I just hope that our children receive what they deserve and that their country recognizes them.


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Al Meezan- Qatari Legal Portal

I keep searching for the link to apply for Qatari nationality for my daughter with no luck however, I came across a legal portal for Qatar which has a list of laws and court information for anyone looking. Law No 38/ 2005, article 1 states the following:

The following shall be deemed to be Qatari Nationals:

1.1 Those residents of Qatar who have been resident in the country since 1930 and who maintained regular legal residence in the country until the enforcement date of the aforementioned Law No. 2 of 1961.
1.2 Any person who is proved to be of Qatari descent, albeit inthe absence of the conditions set forth in the preceding sub-article, and additionally, any person in respect to whom an Emiri decree has been promulgated.
1.3 Persons to whom Qatari nationality has been reinstated in accordance with the provisions of law.
1.4 Any person born in Qatar or in a foreign country to a Qatari father in accordance with the preceding Articles.

I found this and many more laws etc.  on  Al Meezan legal portal it’s very useful. My daughter turns 18 next month and God willing she will spend it in Qatar.

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Those who have stories to Tell

I’ve been getting a lot of messages with stories of children/adults looking for their father. The best way for me to answer or help you is to send your story with any details and pictures so that I can publish it on my blog. This will get more attention than just replying to messages on this blog and Facebook. The email is and it will help me build up my case which I plan on bringing to the attention of Qatar someday soon.

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Will Qatar accept their lost children?

Qatar to offer permanent residency to some – Rights as Qataris

DUBAI, Aug 3, (Agencies): Qatar plans to allow some expatriates to obtain permanent residency, state news agency QNA reported, in the first move of its kind among Gulf Arab states that rely heavily on foreign labour.

A draft law approved at a cabinet meeting will allow permanent residence to the children of Qatari women married to non-Qataris, as well as expatriates who provide outstanding services to Qatar, the Wednesday evening report said.

“According to the provisions of the bill, the minister of interior may grant a permanent residency ID to a non-Qatari if they meet the conditions specified in the law,” the cabinet statement carried by QNA said.

Gulf Arab countries have a high number of expatriate workers but do not allow naturalisation of foreigners except in rare cases and under strict conditions.

Qatar has a population of 2.7 million including some 300,000 citizens and has been reluctant to extend residency rights out of concern for the demographic balance.

Holders of the new permanent residency can for the first time access free state education and healthcare and have the right to own property and run some businesses without needing a Qatari partner, QNA said.

The world’s wealthiest country per capita, Qatar is under international pressure to improve conditions for hundreds of thousands of foreign workers building facilities for the 2022 World Cup. The government says it is implementing labour reforms.

Four Arab countries including Saudi Arabia have imposed sanctions on Qatar, accusing it of supporting terrorism, a charge it denies.

A work-sponsorship system widely enforced in the Gulf and known in Qatar as “kafala” requires foreign workers to get their employer’s consent to change jobs or leave the country.

QNA said a committee would be established at the interior ministry to review requests of granting permanent residency ID in line with the provisions of the law.

Those deemed eligible for the new status will be afforded the same access as Qataris to free public services, such as health and education.

They will also receive preferable treatment for jobs in the administration and armed services as well as being able to own their own properties and exercise some commercial activities without the need for a Qatari partner.

While stopping short of offering Qatari nationality the new measures constitute a first for the Gulf.

Naturalisation is extremely rare in the region and the status of the millions of foreigners working in the Gulf are strictly limited.

Oil-rich Qatar has a population of 2.4 million people, 90 percent of whom are foreigners, including many from Southeast Asia working in construction.

The move comes as Qatar languishes under a boycott imposed by Regional kingpin Saudi Arabia as well as Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates and Egypt.

The four Arab states broke ties with Qatar on June 5, accusing the emirate of fostering Islamist extremist groups and of ties to Saudi arch-rival Iran. Qatar has denied the allegations.

The four Gulf nations have closed their land and sea borders to Qatar and imposed economic and air traffic restrictions.

Kuwait is leading mediation efforts in the crisis, the worst to grip the region since the 1981 creation of the six-nation Gulf Cooperation Council, which includes Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain and Qatar.

The two other GCC members, Kuwait and Oman, have not joined the Qatar boycott.

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I love Qatar


I took my daughter to visit the country of her father and she didn’t want to leave. It was an amazing place, the people were nice, the country was very clean and I felt comfort there.

I did visit the family court in regards to my daughter getting nationality. It may be possible for her because her passport has her father’s name is on her passport. I was told to apply online for her nationality but I will wait until next year when she is 18 and can do it as an adult. I will be beside her and guide her but I don’t want it to look like I am the greedy mother going after it.

I didn’t visit the news agencies as I am still getting my options together and want to make sure I do the right thing before taking it to the press.

I can’t wait to go back to Qatar!

By helpgcckids