Found the ex, thanks Google

It has been 17 years since I last saw my ex and father of my daughter, I remember it like it was yesterday. He came to my apartment and sat with us for a couple of hours. He promised me he would come back for us and that this change was only temporary until he could fix his scholarship. He held his daughter for the last time, finally walking down to his ugly little red Tercel with no hubcaps. I watched with tears in my eyes as he left, not knowing it would be the last time I would ever see him. If I had know that I would have held him a little tighter, told him how much I loved him and kissed him a little longer. The next day I was at work when I got his call as he drove to the airport telling me how much he would miss us, what a lie that turned out to be.

We kept in touch for 2 years, he called me and I spoke to his mom, he would always promise me he was working on coming back but it never happened. When I meet him again the first question will be “Why?” Why could’t you make me hate you, tell me it was over and that we will never see each other. Instead it dragged on until I decided enough was enough. Although my mind put your memories away my heart would not release you until today I think of you.

I spoke to your father in November in which he told me again to do the DNA test and that he didn’t know where you were, maybe London but he has no real interest in the conversation. I don’t have a lot of hope that my daughter will win her case and be recognized as a Qatari due to their laws, as I have been told over and over to just give up because she won’t win. However I believe that Qatar today is ruled by an honest upright Emir who will give us a chance.

I heard that he works in a telecom company by a chance meeting with someone who has moved on but every piece of information I get I Google it and today I decided to Google his name and lo and behold there it was, a picture of you from 2016 accepting an award. My, my how you’ve changed, you are no longer that 22 year old student with messy hair. Now you are a frumpy old guy in a suit who looks older beyond his years, perhaps the look of unhappiness is knowing you left your child behind? I’ve also heard that you own a house and throw parties, not exactly the man I thought you would turn out to be.

We are both in our 40’s, isn’t it time to man up and talk to your child? I don’t want anything from you but a simple answer to my question, “why?”. Why did you leave us?



I will not leave you in peace, I will stalk you until the end of the earth just to ask you why you left us behind. It’s coming soon!

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Al Meezan- Qatari Legal Portal

I keep searching for the link to apply for Qatari nationality for my daughter with no luck however, I came across a legal portal for Qatar which has a list of laws and court information for anyone looking. Law No 38/ 2005, article 1 states the following:

The following shall be deemed to be Qatari Nationals:

1.1 Those residents of Qatar who have been resident in the country since 1930 and who maintained regular legal residence in the country until the enforcement date of the aforementioned Law No. 2 of 1961.
1.2 Any person who is proved to be of Qatari descent, albeit inthe absence of the conditions set forth in the preceding sub-article, and additionally, any person in respect to whom an Emiri decree has been promulgated.
1.3 Persons to whom Qatari nationality has been reinstated in accordance with the provisions of law.
1.4 Any person born in Qatar or in a foreign country to a Qatari father in accordance with the preceding Articles.

I found this and many more laws etc.  on  Al Meezan legal portal it’s very useful. My daughter turns 18 next month and God willing she will spend it in Qatar.

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Those who have stories to Tell

I’ve been getting a lot of messages with stories of children/adults looking for their father. The best way for me to answer or help you is to send your story with any details and pictures so that I can publish it on my blog. This will get more attention than just replying to messages on this blog and Facebook. The email is and it will help me build up my case which I plan on bringing to the attention of Qatar someday soon.

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Will Qatar accept their lost children?

Qatar to offer permanent residency to some – Rights as Qataris

DUBAI, Aug 3, (Agencies): Qatar plans to allow some expatriates to obtain permanent residency, state news agency QNA reported, in the first move of its kind among Gulf Arab states that rely heavily on foreign labour.

A draft law approved at a cabinet meeting will allow permanent residence to the children of Qatari women married to non-Qataris, as well as expatriates who provide outstanding services to Qatar, the Wednesday evening report said.

“According to the provisions of the bill, the minister of interior may grant a permanent residency ID to a non-Qatari if they meet the conditions specified in the law,” the cabinet statement carried by QNA said.

Gulf Arab countries have a high number of expatriate workers but do not allow naturalisation of foreigners except in rare cases and under strict conditions.

Qatar has a population of 2.7 million including some 300,000 citizens and has been reluctant to extend residency rights out of concern for the demographic balance.

Holders of the new permanent residency can for the first time access free state education and healthcare and have the right to own property and run some businesses without needing a Qatari partner, QNA said.

The world’s wealthiest country per capita, Qatar is under international pressure to improve conditions for hundreds of thousands of foreign workers building facilities for the 2022 World Cup. The government says it is implementing labour reforms.

Four Arab countries including Saudi Arabia have imposed sanctions on Qatar, accusing it of supporting terrorism, a charge it denies.

A work-sponsorship system widely enforced in the Gulf and known in Qatar as “kafala” requires foreign workers to get their employer’s consent to change jobs or leave the country.

QNA said a committee would be established at the interior ministry to review requests of granting permanent residency ID in line with the provisions of the law.

Those deemed eligible for the new status will be afforded the same access as Qataris to free public services, such as health and education.

They will also receive preferable treatment for jobs in the administration and armed services as well as being able to own their own properties and exercise some commercial activities without the need for a Qatari partner.

While stopping short of offering Qatari nationality the new measures constitute a first for the Gulf.

Naturalisation is extremely rare in the region and the status of the millions of foreigners working in the Gulf are strictly limited.

Oil-rich Qatar has a population of 2.4 million people, 90 percent of whom are foreigners, including many from Southeast Asia working in construction.

The move comes as Qatar languishes under a boycott imposed by Regional kingpin Saudi Arabia as well as Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates and Egypt.

The four Arab states broke ties with Qatar on June 5, accusing the emirate of fostering Islamist extremist groups and of ties to Saudi arch-rival Iran. Qatar has denied the allegations.

The four Gulf nations have closed their land and sea borders to Qatar and imposed economic and air traffic restrictions.

Kuwait is leading mediation efforts in the crisis, the worst to grip the region since the 1981 creation of the six-nation Gulf Cooperation Council, which includes Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain and Qatar.

The two other GCC members, Kuwait and Oman, have not joined the Qatar boycott.

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I love Qatar


I took my daughter to visit the country of her father and she didn’t want to leave. It was an amazing place, the people were nice, the country was very clean and I felt comfort there.

I did visit the family court in regards to my daughter getting nationality. It may be possible for her because her passport has her father’s name is on her passport. I was told to apply online for her nationality but I will wait until next year when she is 18 and can do it as an adult. I will be beside her and guide her but I don’t want it to look like I am the greedy mother going after it.

I didn’t visit the news agencies as I am still getting my options together and want to make sure I do the right thing before taking it to the press.

I can’t wait to go back to Qatar!

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On my way to Qatar

It has been a long time since I have posted anything. There aren’t any changes, no updates. I’m hoping this will change soon as I will be visiting Qatar next week with my daughter Insh Allah. I hope it goes smoothly as it is her first visit, I will be checking out the court system and see what can be done, if anything.

Sometimes I worry if is a good idea to open this can of worms. It may expose a lot of things. I may encounter walls and disapproval but it’s time the children are represented. It’s funny how AL Jazeera news channel which is a Qatari owned agency did a feature on the Saudi children left behind but never mentioned it happening with Qatari students as well. The UAE has been open about finding the children of their citizens.

I know one trip will not be enough and it will take some time but I will represent those left behind. Wish me luck!

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Saudi Arabia brings home their citizens

RIYADH: The Charitable Society for the Welfare of Saudi Families Abroad — Awasser — has been exerting great effort to bring back to the Kingdom Saudi nationals and families that resulted from marriages abroad contracted by means that run contrary to the Kingdom’s regulations.

Awasser Chairman Tawfiq Abdul Aziz Al-Suwailem said during an interview with a local publication that his society “is trying to put a smile on the faces of many Saudi families abroad” by working to reunite them with their relatives in the Kingdom.

“Our work involves direct collaboration with the Ministry of Labor and Social Development, the Ministry of Interior and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, through the Saudi embassies, in addition to civil society organizations and charities,” said Al-Suwailem, while explaining the mechanism for reaching out to the families abroad.
He also said that 2,283 such families have been found so far in 31 countries around the world by the society and relevant official agencies. Together with their family members, this adds up to 8,012 individuals.
“Some of these families receive financial assistance, others administrative help. About 24 new families were added to the list (receiving assistance) during the last three months, while 47 families were removed from the list either because their situations got better or they have already returned to the Kingdom” said Al-Suwailem.
So far, 27 families — or 67 individuals — returned.
“The return procedure involves receiving the families at the airport, securing temporary residences for them, renting apartments and furnishing them, providing for their living expenses and giving them a national identity card, if they do not have them,” said Al-Suwailem, adding that Awasser constantly extends advice and counseling to the Saudi citizens traveling abroad, including warning them about being lured by marriage brokers and advising them to seek the help of the Saudi embassy officials before taking any step.
Al-Suwailem said there are immoral people who seek to take advantage of Saudis who travel abroad, receiving them at airports and convincing them to do things with, often with dire consequences, most often using young women to trap their victims.
The Ministry of Labor and Social Development grants annual support to Awasser to carry out its work, said the chairman. Private sector institutions also provide aid.
In the course of its operations, the society comes at times across unusual cases, said Al-Suwailem.
“We witnessed a humanitarian issue that greatly affected us while we visited two families in one of the countries. A young man and a young woman had the same father and shared the same family name; having different mothers,and they had never met.
“In another case, a young man came to the society with his mother to invite us to his wedding and said he never knew his father. There are also situations where the father died without telling his family about his second marriage. Lawsuits are filed by the sons of the foreign mother, who claim their inheritance rights.”
Awasser, the first and only Saudi charitable organization authorized for these services, also grants financial support, winter allowance and school assistance to children living abroad, and includes them in King Abdullah scholarship program.

==I’m assuming these are children from legitimate marriages not children that were not recognized by their fathers.

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Alia’s story

a82e70a1c28639e3c7b94176f5f40629My mother had met my father when he came to the United States for college. The were together for about five years and his visa expired so he went back to Qatar. Before he left my mother had told him she was pregnant with me and he had made her every promise you could imagine to help and support me…well that didn’t happen. When I was about six months old he came back for a visit and once again the promises came. Then he was gone for good. Over the years we tried contacting him and he would just hang the phone up on me. When the gulf war started he sent a package with pictures of my sisters and and audio tape with more promises and how much he loves and thinks about me. I didn’t hear from him again. Growing up without a father was very difficult my mother struggled but did her best to give me a life and explain my dads absence. At sixteen my brother convinced me to put an ad on find someone page so I did. After two years I gave up and chose that I would never look for him again. Then a month after my 22nd birthday my life changed. I get a call from my brother who tells me to go to the website I posted on I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, A response from an aunt. I emailed her right away and immediately got a response. After a few emails my phone rings and it’s my father abdulrahman Ibrahim fakhroo himself. He sounded so happy he found me which caught me of guard because our phone and address had not changed in 20 years. As the years passed we got to know each other but I kept my guard up. I slowly started to let it down as he was helping me and keeping to his word. This first time we met didn’t go as well as I thought. I wanted answers to my questions and he didn’t want to answer them. But we made up by the time he left. We continue a relationship and then I was diagnosed with severe spinal stenosis, scoliosis, and chronic degenerative disc disease and had emergency surgery to avoid my spinal cord being severed. In total over last few years I have had three spinal surgeries and my doctors say I will need more. My dad financially help with bills during those periods which was a huge help. I have had contact with one sister but have never been to visit Doha because of my health issues. And unlike other stories I hear my dad is on my birth certificate and I carry the family name. Unfortunately my story doesn’t end so good. And a leopard doesn’t change is spots because my dad has had no contact with me and has blocked his phone numbers. I have spoke with my sister and I keep getting every excuse in the book. The last message I got from him said f*** off and stop bothering my sister. I guess he thinks being a dad for ten years was enough. I’m sad but not surprised. I think I’m more angry at myself for even trusting him. I’m 33 years old now and wise enough to know its time to move on and close this chapter. I can walk away from this with my conscious clean it wasn’t my fault and I did nothing wrong. And I hope my story can maybe help someone else who’s dad popped in and out of their life. I never asked for any of this and my world got turned upside because of selfishness. Alia Alexis Abdulrahman Fakhroo learned a valuable lesson and will become a better stronger person because of it. And I will do it without my father.

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Kuwait recognizes our struggle



—–FINALLY!!!!! We are getting recognition in the GCC! Now if Qatar would publish this subject!!!!

KUWAIT: In view of the growing number of single mothers in the US, a number of American women with children recently decided to sue Arab students who they claim are the real fathers of their kids and the result of extramarital relationships.

The women seized the opportunity of the creation of a new website named ‘Children Left Behind’ to upload dozens of stories about American single mothers reporting that their kids were the result of affairs with Saudi, Kuwaiti, Qatari and Emirati students, saying that the fathers abandoned them and disappeared. Creators of the website, which has English and Arabic interfaces, stressed that it mainly aims at highlighting those mothers’ ordeals and help them reunite with their kids’ legitimate fathers.

One of the website’s administrators said that the number of American single mothers contacting the website to share their experiences was steadily growing. The website, which has so far been visited by over 1.5 million people, said that the phenomena started back in the 1980s, dropped a little in the 1990s, then gradually increased later on after so many GCC university students abandoned their companions. — Al-Rai

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Dear Ali…..


Dear Ali,

I think about you often, remembering the things we did, the nick name you once called me and the way you made me laugh. I’m not ashamed to say I still think about you, see you in my dreams and often wonder what you look like. It’s been 14 years since I’ve seen you and 8 years since I heard your voice, you were yelling at me because I was in Qatar and had just notified your mother and father about their grandchild, so typical of you.

Do you ever think of me? Do you ever wonder what your daughter looks like now? She has the same long beautiful eyelashes that cover your eyes, the same eyes that used to look at me with love. Her hair is wavy and thick just like yours, remember when your hair was so long and your father made you cut it off. Do you remember when you bought your prized Supra and pulled up to my place to surprise me? I remember the races on the highway and the cruising in Los Angeles, trips to San Diego and of course that awfully unplanned trip to Vegas on Memorial Day weekend.

How I long to sit beside you to eat the dinner you cooked, those little cornish hens with rice and all the extras, you would always help me with the meat because it was so hot, eating with our hands and making a mess. I remember I used to watch you sleep and miss you at the same time, I would always end up waking you just to have your attention.

Our first meeting on AOL, Arab chat…..your nick was XxNOSxX…after the Nitrous Oxide Systems you so loved. Our first meeting we drove to LA to Byblos restaurant with Khalid Al Taan in his bright red Acura, how he loved that car. After that day you left back to Qatar for the holiday vacation. When you returned you brought me perfume, I was so happy you thought about me while so far away. From that day on we were always together, you told me your dreams, your stories and I told you mine.

We practically lived in Irvine Spectrum taking silly pictures together and watching movies. We were always having fun with the group. Nasser AlMutawa who married Laila the Moroccan girl which was surprising as she had a reputation and wore bikinis, I was the good girl yet you wouldn’t become my husband. Mohamed the Emirati guy with the bad ass mustang and Abdullah, Khalid’s little brother and of course the Qatari Mohamed who was the groups nerd. Those times were so crazy, we were all young and care free enjoying the time of our lives.

I can still picture the Arab restaurant Kebobit and the times we spent there eating, smoking shesha and watching the occasional belly dancer. I wonder where everyone from the group is, are they married? Do they ever think about the days they lived in California?

I remember the last day, you came by to visit with your daughter for a little while all the while telling me you would come back for us. I can picture you walking to that crappy Corolla Mohamed owned, the one with missing hub caps and reversing. As I stood holding our daughter I never imagined that would be the last day I saw you, how I wish I would have spent more time holding you even if was only five more minutes. The nest day you called me at work while on your way to the airport reassuring me you would come back.

For a few months we messaged each other, sometimes talking, I would have to go to the store and get calling cards to keep in touch as I missed you so much. I spoke to your mother once and even your brother which made me believe you would return to me. I got the passport, you got my visa but the trip never happened. I begged the college to give you another student visa, spending from my own money to send it to you but you never came. Days turned into weeks, weeks to months and months to years. After two years of waiting for you I finally had to move on, I’m sure you didn’t keep yourself for me.

I kept in touch with your brother over the years, he told me you were studying in Lebanon and once you returned to Qatar all communication stopped. Everyone changed their phone numbers trying to run away from the past. I did meet your brother, he looked just like he did in the pictures you showed me, he was nervous as I showed him the pictures of you and your daughter. I gave him the pictures in hopes he would show your mother but I doubt that happened.

My book is not finished, God willing I will be visiting your country soon, I’m not weak like before. I believe I will see you again and I know it may not go as I imagine but if closure is the only thing my heart gets then I will endure the pain that awaits. Although my mind has forgotten most of our time together my heart will not let me forget you completely, I will always love you.

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